Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another call out. Both K9's deployed

Got a call out @ 4:20 this morning.  Got the pups ready and hit the scene at about 4:45am.  Bad car wreck and we were called in to track the driver that fled the scene.

Started Eve and she worked North next to a building and over to a city park/large community garden.  She worked north and I felt confident that she had a nice track.  I stopped her (as my other K9 partner had already started tracking her dog down that same line 5min earlier) as I wanted to make sure that was the only trail out of the scene.  Started her off the seat (which no one had been in besides the driver) and cast her around the scene trying to pick up some other trail...but had no luck.  Cast Eve toward the direction that she had gone earlier...and she hooked back up taking almost the same we continued on that path weaving through the trees and shrubs in the gardens.  It was pitch black and very hard to navigate.  Worked a trail through the gardens and out on to a side street where the trail went cold.  Worked her back into the garden and met up w/ the other K9 and handler.  We scented where she had ended to see if we could work the trail more.

Later we brought Emmett to clear the garden area and he found nothing.

All in all a very hectic and frustrating day.  Mad that we didn't get the subject but we are thinking he was picked up by friends and transported out of town.  Will find out when he is caught and brought to justice!