Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 New Certifications!

Went to Camp Ripley, MN from Sept 26 -Oct 1st for North American Police and Working Dog Association (NAPWDA) training and testing.

Emmett passed his Utility Area search. He had the subject pegged before we vested him up. Vested him up and prolly 1.5minn later we were done. Next time we will for the SAR Search.

Eve passed her tracking certification on Wed and had a hell trailing test on Thursday 1.5 was a nightmare!! 20MPH winds and gusting way more and dry as heck which made for some of the worst conditions to trail in!!  The trail was all over Camp Ripley. By roads in-between buildings, parallel to the wind, against the wind, with the was hell.   Eve stuck with it and worked it out!!!  Proud of her!!!!! SOOO PROUD of her!!!!

NAPWDA is a quality organization and I'm proud to have 3 certs from them for my two guys!!!

Now it's time to get Eve an HRD certification and keep Emmett consistent and growing in his young SAR career.

There was a professional photographer there and I'll get some pics up when I get them.