Monday, June 13, 2011

Eve and I got called out...and nailed it!

Can't post much details but
Call out #1 8:05 Boda (one of my team mates K9's) ran 1.25+ mile trail to where a truck was stolen..happy dance!
Get back work call out #2 Eve ran a .96 to where suspect called from! Yes!
 Was a great day!  Eve worked hard and it was all Urban mostly about 12hrs old or so.  Picked up the trail and never looked back.  When right to the block (4 buildings) that the suspect ran to that night and stayed.  Then worked the area and worked along a stream crossed and down the other side till ran out of scent.  Then straight to the building that the suspect called from to get a ride!  Eve worked it great and gave no indications of leaving the building!

Proud Dad!

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