Saturday, December 18, 2010

Had SAR training today and holy smokes was it cold!  Felt like -10 IIRC when we started.  Did some nice component work (Kevin Kocher method).  We worked in some sheep/hog holding pens at the fair grounds and we wanted to get the dogs to indicate at the gate that the "victim" went through.  Also, we worked on filtering out the freshest train in a highly same scent contaminated place.  This would be useful at a house where a child's scent will be every where (same scent contamination) but where we need to find the last trail out of the yard.  Eve did very well and gave me some nice reads on the gates and some good negatives so that I could read her on the same scent contamination.

Emmett was out for one of the first trainings since his ACL (TPLO) surgery on July 30th!!  He's been having some bone healing problems in a gap under the graft.  It should be healed by now but the Dr's think the plate that is there to hold the graft while the bone heals is not allowing full weight bearing on that portion thus not as fast of bone growth.  We just found one Friday that Emmett will be having the plate, 6 screws, and 2 pins (all the hardware) removed to help stimulate the bone to grow.  The vets feel that there is enough bone formed that it will not harm the graft and removing the hardware might actually allow him to stand normal.  He has been tippy toeing since surgery and we were not sure why.  Could be a learned habit or could be the plate is irritating him in some way.  Also, he will be getting neutered at that time.

One of the disaster pictures!
Afterward we headed to PetSmart as we haven't been there forever and they were having Santa pics.  I knew how this was gonna go...Eve is NOT a fan of Santa....but I knew she'd do it anyhow.  She didn't bark at him which was good but she did shake and not want to get close to him.  I coaxed her up the the bench and we snapped some some I mean a LOT.  She was all nervous and they could not get her attention.  Emmett on the other hand was all cool with sitting on the bench w/ Santa behind him. 

A picture that turned out pretty good
It's weird you get her in a harness on a trail and she is way better.  She does get a little nervous about some stuff on trails but she is way better when working.  Emmett is bomb proof except for nail guns and hammering.  I know it was a lack of socialization when Eve was a baby weeks 1-10 or so.  But we have done at ton with her and she's really pretty darn good.

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