Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold day of training

Not much been happening here with all the Holidays and the weather.  Unfortunately we haven't been training much but we got out today.  It was about 10 degrees so warm feet were my concern.  I tried trailing with Eve in here boots ( and she did the same thing that she does when she wears them on walks........RUN!!!  I have no idea why but she pins her ears back and gets a wild look in her eyes....then flys crazy about.  I had a feeling this was going to be the case but wanted to know before we got out on a real case and I had never put her in the boots before.

She did well on the trail but I ran almost the whole way.  This is NOT the style for me nor her.  She was dead on (after she got the spunk out the first 50ft or so and settled in) but I refuse to run with her.  It won't do either of us any good.  She will burn out quicker and she can miss corners easier.  Also I can't read her very well when she goes so fast and doesn't give as many negatives.

Emmett did awesome for not training more than about 2 times since his ACL surgery on July 30th.  I'm really impressed w/ this little guy.  He has the basics down of the game and has great drive.  Now we just need to work on getting him larger area searches. 

Also, found out that Emmett will have to have all of his TPLO surgery hardware (plate, 6screws, and 2pins) removed in the next couple weeks.  He isn't fully healed almost 6months later.  The Drs believe it is due to the plate so we are removing it.  I hope that he gets back to "normal" as I really want to lock in his training and hope to get him certified in May. 

I do have concerns about him being a Boxer and having a short muzzle.  Many feel it makes their smelling capabilities less than a dog w/ a longer muzzle.  I don't know if that is true (cause he seems to smell very well) or if it is the fact that he will overheat quicker and then mouth breath more and then not smell through his nose as much?  Either way I have started training him, he is doing very well and loves it and I will finish him out and certify him.  That does not mean that I will ever put him in a situation that I feel that he will not do well at or that he could compromise the lost person.

Enough for now....hope more to post later

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