Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emmett has had a few rough days

Emmett was due to have his TPLO (ACL surgery) plate out and get neutered on Tuesday of this week.  He has a gap in the bone and it isn't healing fast enough.  It's been 7months and looks more like 7wks in that one gap.  So the surgeon suggested that we pull out his plate, 6 screws, and 2 pins.
On Monday night (the day before surgery mind you) poor Emmett had to man an emergency visit to the vet. He had a hunched rear, ears back, and acted not happy!   Vet did a urine and blood sample thinking it might be prostatitis.  But she wasn't convinced as the blood tests didn't show what she should have seen.  The vet checked his prostate and he went ballistic!!!  Whining and crying and biting.  Emmett NEVER bites!  He was in terrible pain.
She did multiple x-rays to see if he was blocked but nothing was in there.  We left him there after 2hrs with no definite diagnosis.  She gave him some pain killers to him feel more comfy and hooked him up and gave him about .5 liters of fluid to flush anything in his system.
Since we thought it was an infection were were not able to remove the hardware :(  Neutering him actually helps protatitis so he had the surgery.  Everything went well but....Emmett has had a retained testicle in his abdomen since he was a puppy so we knew when we neutered him that they would have to go find it.  Well the retained testicle decided to get twisted and lodged up in a place it shouldn't have been causing all his pain and discomfort.  I guess this is unheard of!  They said it was all read and full of blood and looked nasty.  Poor guy.  Well it's all removed and he's much happier.  Bad thing is that we have to wait a week or two to remove the plate and screws and he will have to go through another surgery :(  Oh well for now he's on the mend an pretty happy. 

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